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While you are surfing the internet, there will be some websites that you won’t be able to get access to. Sometimes you will have to get access for the sake of your work. In this situation, you get help from proxies. Yes, through a proxy, you will be able to access the server. 

Due to some reasons, you get blocked by the website server, so you won’t be able to get data out of it. Sometimes it will be restrictions by the person who built that website, or sometimes it might be the origin restrictions. Due to any reason, if you won’t be able to open a certain link, then the only hope or option you will be left with is proxy.

There is not one single type of proxy that every person uses in this world. Different types of proxies have been introduced to date. People, businesses, and company workers use the right type of proxy that would help them get access to the URL.

Different proxies you need to know about

Following are the 5 types of proxies you need to know about:

1. Dedicated proxies

It means that one user will use this IP address at a time. This IP address doesn’t change. Plus, you won’t be able to share it. If your name has reserved a dedicated IP address, then no one else will be able to use it. This type of proxies gets used in data centers most of the time. You can use it for various purposes like gaming, eCommerce, streaming, store management, traveling, and other important things. They are kind of exclusive proxies. 

2. Fresh proxies

This is the best and highest quality of Dedicated proxies. You might have understood the type of proxy from its name. In this type of proxy, the IP address also doesn’t change. One user will be able to use it.

The word fresh tells that the IP address has not been used by anyone else, and it is completely fresh. The fresh IDs will get cool-down for a period of 180 days before it gets assigned to a new user. This type of proxy works for people who stream content online, deal with online businesses, someone who require super-fast dedicated IPs of high quality. 

3. Shared proxies

The word shared says much about the type of proxy we are going to talk about. This proxy is not going to be exclusive. This means if an IP address has been assigned to your name, you will not be the sole owner. Different users will be connected to the IP at the same time.

Well, choosing a shared proxy is not a bad decision, but it will definitely affect your privacy matters. A greater number of users using the same IP means a minimum level of privacy. If your provider doesn’t tell you about the type of IP, they are selling to you, then it is most probably shared IP.

4. Mobile proxies

It is also one of the unique proxy setups. If you want to use this, the date you will get will be from a mobile device that will be further connected to a cellular network or a 4G network. It will use genuine and real IP from authentic devices. So, if you don’t use it properly you will not get dedicated IP.

It can be used for different types of tasks such as security, SEO, and other online businesses.

5. Residential proxies

Get a dedicated residential proxies IP address from your Internet Service Provider. One of the beneficial facts of choosing residential IP is that the block rate is quite low, and there is a high anonymity level. This will make your online existence more secure. Most of the time, people who like to do market research, verification, brand promotion, sales intelligence, SEO monitoring, and for the same reasons, get residential IPs. Yes, similar to mobile proxies.

An insight into lightproxies – The Proxy Providers

If you are looking to get a proxy IP for your business or any other reason, then it is very much important that you choose the right provider. Most of the time, when you get an IP from the proxy provider, you might get a shared one, and they won’t let you know about it. If you are not up to taking any kind of risk, then it would be the best option that you get proxy service from lightproxies.

Final Remarks:

You know the types of proxies now. You also know which proxy would work for what kind of task. Plus, we have provided you with a reasonable proxy provider company too. For your business, you can contact them to get the proxy that would fulfill your requirements and needs. 


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