Mon. May 20th, 2024
7 Easy-to-Follow Maintenance Tips for Your Auto Transmission

The price of transmission repair greatly depends on the kind of vehicle you own and its model year. At times, you may find it difficult not to service your car through a transmission repair specialist, especially if you’re facing a total breakdown.

However, there are some tips to follow in order to prolong the life duration of your automatic transmission and avoid transmission failure as well. Let’s check out the list of the seven best transmission maintenance tips.

1.    Change Your Transmission Fluid Regularly

On many cars, light trucks, and SUVs, checking the transmission fluid is as easy as checking the oil: back off the idling engine, pull the dipstick out and wipe it clean, insert it back, and wait again to receive an accurate reading. If the level is low, fluid loss may cause leakage.

The fluid should be bright cherry-colored, clear, and sweet-smelling. If it’s dark, has a strange murky look, or smells like rotting fish, a transmission repair specialist should check it.

2.    Select The Appropriate Type of Transmission Fluid

Check your car’s owner’s manual and find out what grade of transmission fluid you should use. If you are still unsure afterward, visit a well-known transmissions shop and talk to a certified expert.

3.    Make an Appointment for Your Cooling System Maintenance

Your car’s cooling system protects the engine against overheating. Are you aware that not only the engine but also the gearbox pumping fluid is cooled? Transmission repairs are usually needed before gross engine overheating. Verify that your cooling system is in the best state; it can serve you for a long time.

4.    Regular Change Heavily Used Transmission Fluids

It is highly suggested that you let an expert service the transmission fluid in your car. Take time to go through the manual provided by your car’s manufacturer, as you are bound to hear general transmission flushing instructions that are carried out almost every year.

The transmission lifetime of your car will be determined by both the temperature of your machine and by how much you actually drive it.

5.    Don’t Shift Gears On Your Running Car

Completely stop your vehicle before changing the drive-reverse gears or vice versa. If you do not do the exact reversal, you put pressure on your transmission, which can result in a serious issue over time.

6.    Don’t Drive On a Spare Tire for Longer

While driving on the roads, mismatched tire sizes or driving over time with a small spare tire could be better. Besides, it can harm the rest of the vehicle, e.g., it results in ruined wheel alignment, and the long run, excessive pressure is put on the transmission.

7.    Replace Transmission Filter On a Regular Basis

Your car may have a self-designed automatic transmission, which requires the occasional replacement of the filter. Whether your car has a transmission filter is solely determined by its model and manufacturer.

The majority of new cars do not have a transmission filter installed. However, maintaining old cars will require changing their transmission filters each time the automotive transmission is flushed.

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