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Every year, the Central Teacher Eligibility Test is held to determine whether instructors are qualified to teach in elementary and upper primary schools. The Central Board of Secondary Education organises it to fill teacher vacancies in government schools. Those interested in pursuing a profession as a teacher can prepare for the CTET 2022 Exam.

What is CTET Exam 2022 All About?

The Central Board of Secondary Education organises the CTET, an all-India level eligibility exam. The CTET examination is a computer-based test that is administered twice each year to determine candidates’ eligibility for teaching positions at Central Government Schools. CTET Certificates are required for admission to many private schools, not just government ones. As a result, a CTET Credential is critical for teaching candidates who want to work in both public and private schools. Furthermore, the CTET Syllabus will be explained.

The CTET 2022 will be held by the CBSE. The examination will be conducted completely digitally this time. There are two papers in the CTET Exam Pattern: Paper 1 and Paper 2. Those forĀ  Primary Teachers take CTET Paper 1, whereas candidates for Elementary Teachers undertake CTET Paper 2. Whether they want to teach classes 1st through 8th, candidates will be able to take both exams. The CTET 2022 would be the exam’s 16th iteration. It will be organised in 20 languages all throughout India.

What is the CTET Syllabus?

Before beginning their preparation for the CTET exam, candidates should thoroughly review the CTET syllabus 2022. Every year, the syllabus may vary, so it is essential to stay ahead of the curve for better planning. The CTET 2022 syllabus is accessible online. Paper 1 and paper 2 are the two papers in the CTET syllabus. The syllabus covers all of the crucial topics that must be learned in order to achieve a high score on the CTET exam.

Paper 1 of the CTET is for the selection of primary school teachers. Aspirants who want to work as a teacher in grades 1 through 5 should review the CTET Paper 1 Material in order to pass the paper 1 exam. Environmental Studies, Mathematics, Language 1/2, and Pedagogy and Child Development are some main components of this examination. A total of 150 points will be scored for each of these parts. The CTET child development and pedagogy course cover themes such as child-centered and progressive education, critical perspectives on the construct, and so on.

Topics covered in Language 1 include Principles of Language Teaching, the Role of Listening and Speaking, and more. Measurement, geometry, numbers, and other components are used to examine the candidates’ mathematical abilities in the Maths section. Animals, Learning Principles, Approaches to Presenting Concepts, and other topics are addressed in Environmental Studies. Paper 2 of the CTET is for the selection of secondary school teachers. Those interested in teaching classes 6th to 8th must pass the CTET Paper 2 examinations. Candidates must have a thorough understanding of the Paper 2 subject in order to make the most of this opportunity.

The CTET Paper 2 syllabus will include the same as paper 1 Language 1/2, Maths, Science, Social Studies, andĀ  Social Science are some of them. The total number of marks for all of these parts will be 150. Paper 2 of the CTET Curriculum for Mind examines knowledge of concepts such as multi-dimensional intelligence, Language Child Development/Pedagogy, and so on. Knowing Our Numbers, Number System, Playing with Numbers, Whole Numbers, and Negative Numbers are all covered in the Maths Syllabus. The syllabus is separated into two sections in this section: one covers history, geography, and social and political life, and the other covers pedagogical topics.

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