Fri. Jul 19th, 2024

Making sure that tools are kept safe and secure and easily accessible means it will be a lot easier to get work done, and the good news is there are many handy storage ideas of all shapes and sizes when you need tool storage, regardless of the industry you work in.

All of your most important tools can be kept in style and mobile with the use of a tool chest

Plastic tool chests 

Plastic tool chests are a very portable option for storing tools, ideal for everyone from the professional tradesman to the committed DIY practitioner. Plastic tool boxes can carry basic hand tools or store small items and fixings, with features such as handy lift-out trays and built-in compartments. 

Plastic tool chests are manufactured with heavy-duty materials such as the likes of polypropylene and are intended to be highly durable as well as air-tight, dustproof and waterproof. 

A large majority of plastic tool chests can also be locked, with some of the bigger models being made easier to transport with the addition of telescopic handles and wheels. 

Cargo boxes

Cargo boxes are designed to be tough and withstand all types of conditions, providing a portable and durable option for storage regardless of whether it is kept in a garage or are constantly on the move. 

Ideal for loading onto boats or trucks, these boxes are manufactured from plastic that is impact and weather resistant and thick UV stabilised. The boxes are very secure and safe with steel hinges and lockable features, intended for easy stacking and also feature cable stays and padded carry handles. 

Metal tool chests

Metal tool chests are superb for both professional tradesmen and enthusiastic amateurs in the field of DIY, being perfect for the storage of equipment and tools in the back of a motor vehicle. Metal tool chests typically provide storage that is highly secure and are manufactured from either galvanised steel or durable aluminium checker plates. 

Metal tool chests also provide additional features including compression locks, gas struts and stainless steel piano hinges. 

Site boxes

Site boxes provide the ultimate security and protection for your most valuable tools. Manufactured with tough galvanised steel, site boxes often come with gas strut piano hinges on the lid and also come with recessed locking systems that make it almost impossible for them to be broken into. They can also be easily loaded onto a vehicle with their forklift truck skids and heavy-duty handles. 

Other tool chest handy storage ideas include tool bags and tool belts. 

A tool chest is great for a workshop or garage, coming with a wide array of different features including fully lined draws and push-to-open cabinets that ensure tools stay organised and protected while always being within easy reach. 

A lot of tool chests can also be locked and come with castor wheels in order to make them more mobile and are manufactured from either powder-coated steel or stainless steel to make them immune to fingerprints. 


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