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There are a few ways to find a list of health insurance companies in the United States. You can use market share data, which analyzes a company’s portion of the market. This shows how many people the company covers and how much money it brings in annually. This data is obtained by analyzing the companies’ annual and quarterly 10-Q and 10-K reports.

Blue Cross Blue Shield

The Blue Cross Blue Shield health insurance organization is a federation of thirty-five health insurance companies in the United States. It provides health insurance in the United States for over 106 million people. Founded in 1939, the Blue Cross Association is made up of the successors of two separate health insurance organizations: Blue Cross and Blue Shield.

In the United States, Blue Cross Blue Shield has an impressive track record. The company has a national labor office that works in tandem with organized labor. The company insures one out of three American workers and retirees. That is more than any other insurance company.

In addition to domestic health insurance, Blue Cross Blue Shield also offers international health insurance. The company offers products and services for individuals, families, students, and employers. This company offers peace of mind by providing medical coverage around the world. However, before purchasing a Blue Cross Blue Shield policy, be sure to check the company’s terms and conditions.

With the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) signed into law, the Blue Cross Blue Shield companies will continue to work with other healthcare providers and doctors to help their members remain healthy and well. By focusing on the needs of their members, the companies will continue to lead the way to build the healthcare system of tomorrow.

The Blue Cross Blue Shield company was established in 1931, and by 1964, it was serving forty-million members. It was one of the first health insurance companies chosen by federal employees to administer the Federal Employee Health Benefit Program. By 1960, the Federal Employee Health Benefit Program had enrolled nearly thirty percent of all federal employees. Today, the company still provides incomparable value to its clients.

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