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Takara Tomy Basalt Horogium

BB-104 Takara Tomy Basalt Horogium Beyblade consists of a basic starter set, shooter, and metal wheel. The shooter features a light launcher 2 and a forbidden bay.

Stamina ability

Whether you are a new player to beyblade or an old veteran, it is important to understand the Stamina ability of the Takara Tomy Basalt Horogium Beyblade BB-104. It is important to note that this beyblade is not the heaviest wheel in the world, but it is the most powerful and one of the best stamina wheels on the market.

One of the biggest differences between the original Takara Tomy and Metal Fight is that the Metal Fight is not compatible with Burst Series Beyblade items. Instead, the Metal Fight has a different performance tip and is compatible with Metal Masters. For buying Takara Tomy Basalt Horogium Beyblade BB-104 (Twisted Tempo 145WD) Metal Masters – With Launcher you can visit

Another difference between the original Takara Tomy and Metal Masters is that the metal fusion is not the same as the original beyblade. It is not as strong as the original and it is not as compatible with Metal Fight. It is compatible with Metal Masters and Shogun Steel. However, it is not compatible with Zero-G and Burst Series Beyblade items.

Spiral Dimension

Among the many variants available, the DITYA Beyblade BB-104 Spiral Dimension of Takara Tomy Basalt Horogium is one of the most unique Beys to date. While most Beys rely on a single part to perform, the Spiral Dimension of Takara Tomy is composed of multiple parts that combine to form a huge ring of energy that can spin forever. Moreover, it also features a unique recoil system that can knock an opponent out of the game.

The Spiral Dimension of Takara Tomy has a few other notable features. For starters, it is one of the heaviest Metal Wheels to date, but it is not as heavy as Chrome Wheels, and it is a member of the Maximum Series, which has a maximum weight “gimmick” to boot. The Spiral Dimension’s other noteworthy feature is the “Spiral Staircase of Death”, which is a complex mechanism that creates an imbalance within the Wheel, and a corresponding effect in the form of Recoil. This makes the Spiral Dimension of Takara Tomy Beyblade BB-104 a powerful and formidable contender in the battle for supremacy on the Beyblade scene.

Spiral Staircase of Death

Firstly, the Spiral Staircase of Death in Takara Tomy Basalt Horogium Beyblade BB-104 is not a bad thing. It is a clever and well thought out piece of kit, and the Spiral Staircase of Death has its merits as a cool trick. Secondly, it is one of the best Stamina Bottoms available. This is due to the fact that it is the first and only Basalt to feature the newest WD parts. Finally, it is one of the few Stamina Bottoms in the game to feature a Snipe Launcher, as opposed to the standard Snipe. It is worth mentioning that the Snipe can be purchased separately, but this is a minor detail.

As for the actual Spiral Staircase of Death, it is worth noting that the Spiral Staircase of Death is actually a trick that can be performed by using a Snipe Launcher, which is a cool trick in its own right.

Body and shooter

Among the many Metal Wheels available, Basalt is one of the strongest wheels available. It has an incredible Stamina level in battle, and its weight and recoil can sometimes knock out an opponent. However, Basalt is not the best Wheel for Defense. You should definitely consider other wheels, such as Pisces and Killerken.

Basalt has a unique “Spiral Staircase of Death” that contributes to its recoil, but it is not enough to make this Wheel useless. Basalt also has a bad solo-spin time. However, it has good Stamina in battle, which can make it useful in customs, such as the MF-H Basalt Bull BD145MB/CS.

Basalt Horogium 145WD is a good Bottom that contains one top-tier part, and is not a bad purchase. However, you should only consider buying this Wheel if you cannot get all of your preferred alternatives. It is not the most ideal Wheel in the world, and it only serves in outdated metagames. But, it is still one of the best Stamina Bottoms available.

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