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How to Take the Perfect Selfie

If you’re one of those people who love to take selfies, you’re going to love this new art trend that’s sweeping the nation. I’m talking about selfie museums, also known as Instagram museums.

These are art galleries or installations that are designed specifically for visitors to take photographs in front of the artworks and then post them on social media. They’re the perfect place for narcissists and shutterbugs alike.

What Is a Selfie Museum?

So, what is a selfie museum? Well, as the name suggests, it’s a type of museum or art gallery that’s specifically designed to provide a setting for visitors to take selfies and post them on social media sites like Instagram.

You might be thinking, “doesn’t every art gallery or museum allow for photos?” And the answer is yes, of course. But selfie museums are designed with social media in mind. They’re typically arranged so that visitors can easily snap photos in front of different backdrops or exhibits.

Some selfie museums even have props or costumes available for visitors to use in their photos. So if you’re looking to take your Instagram game up a notch, a selfie museum is the perfect destination.

Selfie Museum

A Brief History of the Selfie Museum

Selfie museums (or “Instagram museums” as they’re sometimes called) are a relatively new art form, but their popularity is growing rapidly. The first selfie museum opened in November 2014 in Ljubljana, Slovenia. It was the brainchild of two brothers, Ales and Matic Kocjan, who were looking for a way to combine their love of art and photography with their love of social media.

The Kocjan brothers’ museum was an instant hit, and other selfie museums soon began to pop up all over the world. Today there are selfie museums in countries as far-flung as Japan, Chile, Poland, and South Africa. The trend shows no signs of slowing down, with new museums opening all the time. Learn more about Denver selfie museum here.

How to Take the Perfect Selfie

If you’re looking to snap the perfect selfie while you’re at the selfie museum, then we’ve got you covered. Here are a few tips to make sure your photo comes out looking great:

  1. Strike a pose.

You want to be sure to strike a pose that shows off your best features. If you’re not sure where to start, take a look at some of your favorite celebrities and model poses.

  1. Find the right light.

The best selfies are taken in good light. If you’re outdoors, try to find a spot that’s in the shade; if you’re indoors, use an overhead light or window light.

  1. Use a filter.

Some filters can make your selfies look even better. Try using the Clarendon or Gingham filters for a vintage look, or the Juno filter for a more glamorous vibe.

How to Take the Perfect Selfie

The Benefits of Visiting a Selfie Museum

You might be wondering what the benefits of visiting a selfie museum are. Well, for starters, it’s a great way to get some new and unique photos for your Instagram feed. But beyond that, it’s also a fun way to spend an afternoon with friends or family.

Selfie museums are becoming increasingly popular, and it’s not hard to see why. They provide a fun and interactive way to experience art, and they’re also a great way to get some new and original photos for your social media accounts. So if you’re looking for a new and exciting way to experience art, be sure to check out a selfie museum the next time you’re in town.


So there you have it, a selfie museum is a great way to get some fun and unique photos for your Instagram feed. But they’re also a lot more than that. They’re a place where you can play and have fun with your friends, and a place where you can appreciate art in a whole new way. So next time you’re looking for something new to do, be sure to check out a selfie museum near you.

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