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The mattress is an important piece of furniture that you should consider whether it’s for your home, an apartment you rent out, or a hotel project.

Many new technologies are being used in the hotel industry to offer more options for beds. Manufacturers offer beds that can be adjusted individually to fit the needs of each guest. The rise of connected mattresses is amazing!

Sustainability is becoming more prominent as we become more eco-conscious. Manufacturers are focusing on increasing mature recycling, cradle-to-cradle methods and organic qualities. They also target origin and tradition.

There are many factors to consider when buying a mattress. The ArchiExpo website categorizes mattresses based on the number of “seats” ( one or two), as well as technology (spring, foam, latex and pocket springs, memory shapes, etc.

How do you choose the right mattress?

Scientists recognized the “first-night effect” a decade ago. This is where half of our brain unconsciously stays on alert, alerting us to unfamiliar surroundings. We expect high-quality sleep when we travel. The same applies to the home, as choosing the right mattress is crucial for a well-rested and healthy body. Here are some tips from mattress manufacturers for homeowners and industry professionals.

Many companies will talk about specific issues to consider. They will often help you in your search, especially with regards to quality suspension (foam latex, or springs).

To find the right mattress manufacturer for you, take a look at the morphological tables. These tables indicate your weight and size. If you are a light-weight person, you should choose a soft mattress. You will need to purchase a stronger mattress support if you are heavier.

Your body’s weight will determine the density and thickness of your mattress. Thin mattresses will be of low density, meaning that there is not enough material to support the body’s weight and the mattress will likely be unable heat and humidity throughout the night. People should select a thickness of 23cm or more. For example, spring mattresses are between 20-25cm thick, while latex and foam mattresses tend to be between 15-20cm.

Which size mattress should you buy?

When buying a bed, it is important to consider the size of the mattress. Many people don’t realize that a mattress isn’t adapted to their body or shape. Even if a mattress is high-end, it doesn’t provide quality sleep. These simple rules will help you select the right size mattress for you.

Your height is determined by your size. To prevent your feet from leaving the bed, it must be at minimum 15 cm longer than you. width depends on whether you’re alone or with a partner and what comfort you seek. The width of your mattress is important as we turn 40 times per night.

What thickness should your mattress be?

People love thick mattresses and will generally choose mattresses between 20-30 cm thick. To fully enjoy the benefits of a mattress, it must be at least 14 cm thick. You can turn your mattress easily between 14 and 20cm. A medium-thick mattress has another advantage: it is easier to lay your sheet on top of your mattress than if you had to use a fitted sheet.

  • THICKNESS 14-18 CM
    For extra beds, such as cribs or sofa beds, a mattress that is between 14-18 cm thick can be used. These mattresses are not comfortable but can be stored easily. The mattress’ thickness is determined by the user’s weight. The mattress should be thicker for heavier people.
  • THICKNESS 20-25 CM
    If you have well-padded padding, mattresses that are between 20-25 cm thick can be quite comfortable. Foam and latex mattresses can be softened or toned depending on their density. You can choose which mattress you like best and what your comfort preferences are. Use a memory or thicker density mattress if you suffer from back pain.
    For those who sleep well, mattresses 25 cm or more in height are ideal. These mattresses are extremely thick and offer a significant advantage in comfort as well as the durability and ventilation of their coating. This mattress is ideal for couples because you won’t feel your partner move while they sleep. There are downsides. The downside? Regular maintenance.

What time should you change your mattress?

Experts agree that a mattress should be replaced at least once every ten years. You don’t have to remember the year you bought your mattress. Just listen to what your body is telling you. Your mattress should be replaced if you feel stiff or experience back pain after you get up. You can also change the color of your mattress if it becomes stained or changes in appearance.

The box spring should be replaced at the same time that the mattress is being replaced by professionals. Good bedding includes a box spring, which has a major impact on the comfort and life of the mattress.

How do you maintain your mattress?

To avoid mites and bacteria that love to live in the linen, it’s important to regularly clean your mattress. This is the best way to ensure that your bedding stays clean and lasts for a long time.

Additionally, we sweat during the night, which infiltrates our mattress and creates a humid environment for mold and bacteria growth. It is important to maintain healthy bedding, and this includes more than regular house cleaning. For details, you can contact the manufacturer.

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