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Plastic Postcards

The marketing industry is growing 24/7, and technological advancements are transforming the ways of communicating. There is an increasing focus on integrating both traditional and modern channels. Why? because the emotion that tangible objects and handwritten messages convey cannot be replicated by electronic messages.

We are aware that today smartphones and email marketing are hot topics but a variety of studies have proven the importance and irreplaceability of postcards made of plastic as well as direct mailers.

In the initial part of How Effective Direct and Plastic Mail are? We discussed plastic postcards’ characteristics and the positives of Direct Mail but didn’t mention how efficient these two channels are?


This section will explore the reasons behind the effectiveness of direct mail marketing and advertising as well as plastic postcard mailer are.This will also contain our recommendations about why the 21st century is not yet complete on direct mail being an effective marketing tool. Let us proceed!


Plastic postcards that have great pop-outs are known to immediately improve ROI, as well as vouching companies at 79 percent redemption rates. 57 percent of respondents reported that marketing via postcards makes people feel valued and creates lasting, authentic relationships.

2. PLASTIC POSTCARDS and Direct MAIL CARDS have a higher RESPONSE rate.

In contrast to email and other electronic messages, plastic postcard direct mail isn’t a target for the spam folders. Furthermore, you don’t need the permission of the recipient to mail them direct mail. However the rates of response show an incredible growth that is far greater than any other channel.

The other channels did not exceed 1percent response. Response rates for digital channels are Online Display (0.9%), Email (0.45%) Social Media (0.6%) as well as Paid Search (0.5%). To compare, in 2015 the Direct mail responses were 3.7 percent and 1.0 percentage and 1.0%, respectively. In 2010, it was 3.4 percent and 1.4 percent. (Source-


Direct mails made of plastic contact prospective clients and companies at times that are not anticipated and still prompt immediate action. In the current digital age More than 87% of businesses enjoy receiving direct mail, 44% are looking at their mailboxes every day seventy-seven percent of the millennials respond to direct mail ads.” (2016 USPS report)

When you attempt to send an electronic message to a person that no longer has access to that particular domain and the mail bounces back. But, if the business sends a direct mailer, the service that delivers the mail looks at the address of the customer and then introduces you to the supplier.

Another advantage is that businesses do not need to battle to attract the attention of the public. If you have utilized the right techniques Your business will be noticed.


Studies suggest that by 2020, customer experience overtook product and price as the primary brand’s differentiation (Frost and Scott). Another survey conducted by Epsilon Research discovered that 80 percent of consumers are more likely to conduct business with a business when they have a personal experience.

Furthermore 88 percent of U.S. marketers are reported to be a subscriber to direct mail because of their proven benefits because of personalization of mailand more than half reporting increases of more than 10%..

It is not a mistake to assert the effectiveness of both channels is difficult to quantify in terms of numbers. Businesses should begin to tailor their marketing strategies in order to improve the experiences of potential customers.


It is known that customers pay more than 25% of the planned amount when a company employs an amalgamation of email and direct mailing. One of the reasons could be the synergistic impact that occurs when clients receive tangible items.

The business must ensure the postcards they send out are entertaining quality, printed in high-quality that is printed by a professional Printing Service Provider and clearly stated calls to take action. When all these factors are in place you’ll be able not to want to join in.

6. PLASTIC POSTCARDS and Direct Mailers are highly targeted

The efficacy of postcards made of plastic and direct mail advertising and marketing is crucial for collecting customer information. The printed data can be used to call data to determine whether your customers remain pertinent, i.e., their age, income from the household, the address they live in, their the status of their marriage, children living in the house, etc.

Gaining new customers via direct mail is simpler than one would think. It can be beneficial to find new customers by using list brokers and choosing the right variables to match your ideal prospects. Furthermore, magazines and other organizations are also able to rent their authentic consumer Lists to help companies find the perfect lists for separating audiences that are new and established.

7. PLASTIC POSTCARD and Direct Mailers offer a unique touch

A company begins to compete from the moment it gets into the market. The present market environment could be a threat to new businesses and pose unavoidable problems without strategies and a clear plan of action. In this situation those who do not comprehend the needs of customers and provide top-of-the-line services are out of the game.

To keep your lead It is essential to continually develop and improve techniques that your competitors do not know about. In today’s world, there are so many personal communications announcements, notifications, news and offers, customers don’t have patience or desire to jump on every email. This is a clear lack of understanding from the companies that believe that direct mailing is dead.

In contrast an effective business plan is likely to consist of Direct Mailing Services to reach your audience’s homes. Every brand doesn’t like their mail to be buried on the bottom of the “stack” in a sea of others, or , even more importantly deleted and never read. Business requires a lot of plan. The solution is creative. Direct mailers and plastic postcards.


Flexible graphics and captivating content enable businesses to tailor their marketing messages to appeal to particular customers and monitor outcomes directly on their POS system.

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