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Generic Levitra

When compared to the brand-name drug, Generic Levitra offers a few advantages. The drug is effective 15 to 30 minutes after administration, and it has the ability to return sexual life to normal in nine to twelve hours. Because it works for so long, it is safe to use several times during sexual intercourse. One important thing to note when taking Generic Levitra is that sexual arousal is a prerequisite for its action.

Cost of Generic Levitra

You may be surprised to learn how much it costs to buy generic Levitra. It’s nearly identical to the name-brand drug, but costs about a third less. The active ingredients are exactly the same. The price for a 10-tablet prescription costs around $25, which comes out to less than two cents per tablet. It’s also cheaper than buying a single dose of brand-name Levitra in the U.S.

A generic version of Levitra is available in dosages of five, ten, and twenty milligrams. Both brands come in orange film-coated tablets. The brand name contains the Bayer imprint on one side and “dosage” on the other. The generic version comes from India or Canada. It costs around half as much as the brand-name version. The cost of Generic Levitra depends on the dosage and the quality.

Side effects of Generic Levitra

While the side effects of Generic Levitra are rare, it is still imperative to know about the risks of taking it. You may experience dizziness, excessive sleepiness, and a headache. Most of these side effects will pass without your help. They usually occur during the first intake of Generic Levitra. You should not store this medicine in your bathroom, kitchen, or refrigerator. This medicine is intended for adult use only.

The first and most important side effect of Generic Levitra is a temporary loss of erection. If you are over 50 years old, you may experience problems in erections. This is because the levels of testosterone in your blood decrease. This, in turn, causes a decrease in sexual desire. Aside from the temporary loss of erections, you can also experience an increase in blood pressure, which is an undesirable side effect.

Relative effectiveness of Generic Levitra compared to brand-name Levitra

When comparing the relative effectiveness of generic and brand-name Levitra, it is helpful to know the difference between them. Both medications are used to treat erectile dysfunction. Cialis is best for treating ED over the weekend, but Levitra is a better choice if you are only planning on addressing the problem for one night. Both of these medications have different side effects. Generic Levitra may cause irregular heartbeat, nasal congestion, and flushing of the face. Compared to Viagra, Levitra may cause blurred vision, headaches, muscle aches, or nasal congestion.

Although there is no definitive evidence linking LEVITRA to the development of NAION, a higher risk is associated with it in some patients. Those with crowded optic discs should discuss this risk with their physician. However, there is no evidence that suggests that prospective PDE5 inhibitor users should be evaluated for this risk. Fortunately, both types of levitra are labeled with information on the risks of NAION, as well as any other side effects that may occur.

Precautions to take with Generic Levitra

There are many benefits to purchasing a generic form of Levitra instead of the brand name product. While generic Levitra is not as effective as the brand name, it is significantly less expensive and has fewer side effects. If you’re looking for an affordable way to treat erectile dysfunction, generic Levitra may be the best choice. While it isn’t guaranteed to work as well as the brand name version, generic Levitra can help you keep your partner happy and satisfied.

While generic Levitra is often cheaper than brand-name versions, it’s important to check the label to ensure that it contains no traces of the active ingredient. If you’re concerned about the drug’s ingredients, you can always contact your healthcare provider. Some generics are advertised as the same as the brand name. In any case, you should never purchase a generic version of Levitra unless you’re certain that the generic product does not contain any traces of the active ingredient, levitra.

Drug interactions with other medications

While there are no known major interactions between generic Levitra and other medicines, there are numerous minor ones, too. Drug interactions between Levitra and other medicines include grapefruit juice, certain antibiotics, and some heart conditions. If you’re planning to take Levitra, make sure to discuss all of your medications and other health issues with your healthcare provider. This way, you can avoid any potential problems and maximize the benefits of your treatment.

If you’re already taking a PDE5 inhibitor, you’ll want to avoid generic Levitra altogether. This prescription drug is known to interact with nitroglycerin, which is used to treat chest pain. It can also interact with riociguat, a GC stimulator that may cause a drop in blood pressure, which can be fatal. If you have a heart condition, your doctor may recommend another drug, such as a diuretic, to treat your erectile dysfunction.

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