Thu. Apr 25th, 2024

Huawei’s latest flagship smartwatches are now available, with top-tier build quality, enough health and activity traceability capabilities to satisfy even the most discerning customers, and prices to match. Let’s compare the key differentiators between the 46mm titanium GT 3 Pro and the 43mm ceramic GT 3 Pro.

Features of Huawei Watch GT 3 Pro

The designed quality of huawei watch gt 3 pro is excellent, as is typical of Huawei’s GT series watches, and you can tell the moment you open the box.

Titanium Body

The titanium body and clasp, as well as the sapphire glass screen, give the 46mm GT 3 Pro a strong, premium, and trustworthy feel. This is a large 55-gram watch that may look odd on smaller wrists. The 1.43-inch round AMOLED screen is adequate for most apps, but we can’t ignore the large bezel surrounding it.

Nanocrystalline Body

The nanocrystalline enamelled body and strap of the 43mm model are breathtaking, and they feel really comfortable and significant on the wrist. The sapphire glass protects the 1.32-inch AMOLED display, and the watch face and crown element are encircled by a golden appearance.


The smaller form factor will appeal to people with smaller wrists, but the white and gold colours will not suit everyone’s taste. Both GT 3 Pro watches feature butterfly lock processes and come with extra links.

Featured Apps

To explore the timepieces, the touchscreen is used, but the jewel element and side keypad can also be used. HarmonyOS 2.0 is a software platform that runs smoothly and allows for the use of third-party apps. Health tracking promises a consistent mix of heart rate and blood oxygen data, as well as sleep and stress measurements. Among the most advanced features are ECG (not available in our market), arterial stiffness detection, and body temperature assessment.

Double GPS

Both Watch GT 3 Pro devices have built-in microphones and speakers for taking calls. NFC (depending on market), a double GPS, and a dive-proof rating should help convince even the most daring adventurers. The Watch GT 3 Pro 46mm is expected to last two weeks with normal use, while the smaller 43mm is assumed to last seven days. We’ll make sure to put those claims to the test alongside all of the other important features in our thorough review.


Bluetooth 5.2 is a minor hardware upgrade, and the new construction makes it not only water-resistant but also dive-proof up to 30 metres when paired with a new freediving trial run.


While, as with the standard Watch GT 3 line, you might think that the smaller model would be the more reasonably priced of the two casing dimensions (the 42mm Watch GT 3 starts at just CNY1,488/€229.99/£209.99), you’d be dead wrong. Ceramic is always more expensive in the world of watches, and this is reflected in the pricing for the latest Pro series.


The main reason to choose the Pro line over the standard Watch GT 3 series, as with 2020’s Watch GT 2 Pro, is in their design. To begin, unlike the previous Pro in the GT series, you now have two sizes to choose from, mirroring the standard Watch GT 3 duo.


Huawei’s customisable existence has become even more essential to the organization in regions where the brand’s smartphones can’t compete as easily as they once did (due to US-imposed restrictions), and the GT 3 Pro looks to offer more diversity and competition in the smartwatch space against obvious players like Apple and Samsung.

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