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We have different formats for storing documents depending on the quantity and the nature of files. PDF is the third most popular format after HTML and XHTML. This popularity arises from the small space the portable files occupy and the ease of editing and sharing. 

If you would like to use the PDF document editor software available today, you must choose one that’s suitable for your needs.

You can edit PDF online or offline. And the best PDF editors should enable you to create and alter files within the same window and sync the changes automatically to your device or the cloud.

Before you subscribe to any editing software for your school, business, office, or home, learn more about the important features of a portable file editor and the best free PDF editor on PC as outlined in this article.

Most Important Attributes for a PDF Editor

One of the main functions of a PDF text editor software is reading files. This, however, is not the only feature to look for in an editor. When choosing editing software for your home or office, check out the following features.

PDF Creation and Editing Functionality

A good PDF editor should have document creation and editing tools to enable you to carry out all creation and modification activities. The tools found in Word are necessary to have for any editor software. They enable you to work conveniently on a file without moving from one location to another while editing a file on your device.

The common PDF tools in an editor include file creation, conversion from one format to another, splitting and merging, and annotation.

How Fast is the Editor?

We often find ourselves with many forms to create, edit and share within a short notice. A swift working software is ideal in such situations. Moreover, the software should have file sharing options to enable you to share them instantly with your customers or staff, hence improving efficiency.

Ease of Use

People in an organization have varying levels of technical skills. To accommodate all of them, choose an editor with a friendly user interface. Its design should be consistent and straightforward such that all members can use it conveniently.

The steps to follow when using the software should be concise, and any icons should guide users and not confuse them.

It Should Keep Your Files Secure

Some files contain personal data or confidential information about an organization. A good file reader should keep files secure from hackers. The security features include password and encryption. A password enabling software allows a person to read and edit a document using a password.

A certificate of encryption is another feature to keep files secure. To access such a file, you need the encrypted certificate. Some editors restrict the editing options to allowed persons, where you can only view a file without editing it. 

Allow for Collaboration

Working on files with your team remotely requires a file editor that enables collaboration. You can create a file and share it with your staff, team, or students with such an editor. The recipients can then access the file, study it and make comments or offer feedback through comments.

Collaboration simplifies work and improves efficiency. If you have a project, you can use this feature to assign your team members tasks from various project sections and assess their progress remotely. The feature allows you to make recommendations or highlight necessary changes, saving time.

The Scan and OCR Feature

Sometimes we receive scanned files or images in a document. These files are not easily editable, but you can convert the files to an editable form with the right PDF editor before adding the required information or appending a signature. 

In business, most documents are forms to be filled or signed, and an ideal software should enable you to edit the forms before saving and sharing them.

Should be Supported on Different Devices

Some PDF editor options are only supported on PCs, but we are not always in the office. A good document editor should be supported on various devices, including PCs, tablets, and mobile devices. This feature allows users to access important files, read them and provide feedback in time without visiting an office. 

This feature comes in handy when dealing with documents that require urgent feedback while away on vacation or traveling.

Should Allow for Online Editing With an Auto Sync Feature

It is more convenient to access and edit a file online than to convert it to word before the editing process. A good editor should allow you to access files from the cloud, read and edit them, and share them with a click. A good example of software that allows you to edit PDFs online is LuminPDF.

An online editor is more secure and safe since the edits on files are automatically saved to the cloud, and after the editing process, the files are auto-deleted from the editor software to prevent access to other users.

Best PDF Editors for Windows, Mac, and the Web

Different PDF editors work well on different devices. To edit PDF online on your PC, the ideal editor is Acrobat Pro DC. It has all the PDF tools to enable users to edit PDFs online. It also has an OCR feature for converting scanned files before making the necessary changes.

Mac comes with its editor software. However, other editors work well on Mac. For example, Quicklook has all the PDF tools online for editing files on Mac. By clicking the drop-down menu on the editor, you can make all the changes on a file without moving to another page. 

Lumin PDF comes in handy when you want to edit pdf on the web. It has all the online tools to help you modify files and store them in the cloud. Plus, it is supported on PCs and mobile devices. Read more about how to edit PDF online here.

Parting Shot

Our PDF software editing needs are as diverse as the editors in the market. However, before choosing one for your device, check out the features of different editors and choose the one that suits you most.

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