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5 Guaranteed Signs Your Partner May Be Cheating Online

Many people use the Internet to cheat on their significant others, and there may be a chance your partner is doing so as well. Here are five guaranteed signs of cheating online.

They Are Secretive About Their Online Activities

There is nothing wrong with a little bit of privacy online. However, many in a relationship would find it odd if a partner is constantly deleting their browsing history, is always looking at their phone away from you, and gets aggressive if you wonder what they are doing.

An Increase in Online Activities in General

If your partner is suddenly on their phone all the time or they’re glued to their computer screen, this may be a sign that they’re cheating on you. Bonus points if they’re on the phone when you’re not around.

You’ve Noticed Odd Transactions

Some websites, such as Ashley Madison, charge fees. Because of this, you may notice some weird transactions on your bank account or credit card statement, and you may get pushback if you try asking. Sometimes, these websites will have an innocent-sounding name, but that’s usually a cover. Always ask about any strange transactions you see. By the way, here are some interesting facts about the dating website mentioned above.

They’re Out Late

Not all online relationships are long-distance. Some of them are nearby, and as a result, your spouse could have one IRL. If your spouse claims work is calling them in late, or they disappear for a long time, this may be a guaranteed sign of cheating.

They Don’t Give You a Straight Answer

Finally, if you’ve confronted your spouse on these reasons, and they give you an odd or aggressive answer, this could be a sign that they’re cheating on you. If your spouse is not guilty, they can give you a reasonable answer that explains something odd. However, if there is resistance, this could mean they are hiding something.

Final Words

If you suspect your spouse is cheating on you, remember that online affairs are just as damaging as regular ones. Recovering from an online affair is not easy, but with enough mental fortitude, you can move on.

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