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Blizzard has invented a “perpetuum mobile” in the face of its World of Warcraft. While some players are mastering raids in the current Shadowlands, other users are enjoying the classic version of The Burning Crusade. The developers have introduced the return of the vanilla version of TBC with all the characters, raids and dungeons.

In addition to The Burning Crusade heroes have to go to a new world The Outland Zoneto stop the traitor Illidan Stormrage and wow classic boosting not give the main antagonist a patch Kiljaeden to take possession of the Sunwell. In this, the heroes Azeroth will be helped by already familiar characters of the expansion, as well as new ones will meet.

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Highlights in The Burning Crusade

The World of Warcraft next chapter of the story begins. Now the heroes have to go to another planet to stop the lords of horrors and save their home Azeroth. In addition, the developers announced a lot of new products:

  • now the maximum level has been increased to 70;
  • two allied races appeared – the Draenei and the Blood Elves;
  • new global location – The Outland Zone;
  • story quests, dungeons and raids.

added to the list of races that players can choose during character creation Draenei and Blood ElvesTogether with them, two significant characters appeared – Lor’themar Theron and Prophet Velen. Players will be able to learn more information about these heroes by completing story missions.

Leveling a Hero on a New Continent

A story mission that will send your hero to a new location is issued at level 58. The Outland Zone is the surviving part of the planet Dreanor, which can be reached through a dark portal. This will require you to talk to Medivh. Several locations are available on the new continent for leveling up a character to level 70:

  • Explore hellfire Peninsula;
  • Zangarmarsh;
  • Terokkar forest;
  • Nagrand;
  • Blade’s Edge mountains;
  • Netherstorm;
  • Shadowmoon valley.

After reaching the maximum level, the player has access to the final content The Burning Crusade. In patch 2.4 “Fury of Sunwell” the developers have added one of the most difficult raids Sunwell plateau. It consists of 6 bosses, battles take place both in open and closed areas.

In 2022, Blizzard announced the next expansion Wraith of the Lich King. Repelling a Burning Legion, the heroes returned to their home planet. And while they were gone, other minions of Sargeras found a way to attack the cities of Azeroth. Prince Arthas succumbed to temptation and turned into a new Lich King, promising to destroy the whole world for his master. The heroes have to take up arms again and go on an expedition to the icy shores of Northrendin order to stop the enemy.

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