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UV Absorber UV-531

INNO SPECIALTY CHEMICALS is UV Absorber UV-531 manufacturer and Light Stabilizer UV-531 supplier in China, equivalent product are chimassorb 81 and cyasorb uv 531,contact us for more information.

As the name suggests, UV Absorber UV-531 is a type of polymer that has good absorbance in the UV-B region. It can be applied to rigid and plasticized PVC, polyester and PS, Acrylate resins, and vinyl ester-based coatings. It has the ability to improve coating failure caused by sunlight, and can be used in combination with hindered amine light stabilizers. To determine its suitability for coatings, it should be tested in a range of concentrations in clinical trials.


RIASORBUV-531 is an effective ultraviolet light absorber. It is a Light Stabilizer UV-326 from the class of benzophenones. It is suitable for applications where the product must be protected from sunlight. It can be used in many applications, including HDPE molded articles, plasticized PVC, rubbers, and a variety of other materials. It is highly compatible and has minimal mobility.


GOYENCHEMUV-531 is a benzophenone UV absorber used in the manufacturing of plastics. It is a highly effective UV absorber with high heat resistance and excellent polymer compatibility. This UV absorber has low volatility and vapor pressure, which make it suitable for applications in high-polymer plastics. Its UV absorption is high enough to prevent UV-induced degradation of the coating quality.


HS-770 UV Absorber is a light stabilizer with high light stability that protects organic polymers from degradation due to ultraviolet radiation. It is a good choice for use in various applications such as ABS resin, PE, and polypropylene. Its properties are excellent in heat resistance and uv absorption, and can be mixed with other UV absorbers. Its excellent compatibility with various polymers means that it is a great choice for many applications.


UV Absorber BP-431 is a sodium salt of sulisobenzone, a broad UV absorber. It is effective between 280 and 360 nm, and requires a neutralizing agent, such as NaOH or triethanolamine. It is typically used in water-borne coatings and plastics. Its broad spectrum of UV absorbing capability makes it a useful additive for many applications.


BP-12, a benzophenone class ultraviolet absorbent, imparts good light stability to organic polymers and plastics. It provides maximum protection to the polymer while contributing a low color. This UV absorbent also retards the yellowing of the coating and improves its physical and environmental resistance. It can be used in various applications, including coatings, coating materials, and adhesives. The benefits of BP-12 include its non-explosive and non-inflammable properties.

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