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Romanian Series

If you’re looking for slapstick comedy and a sweet tooth, consider watching Seriale Romanesti on Netflix. You can choose from a variety of titles such as The Good Place or Captain Underpants, two hit high school sitcoms. The characters are goofy and fun, while teaching simple lessons without being preachy. Read on to learn more about Romanian series on Netflix. Alternatively, you can check out Romanian series from other countries.

Red Devils series

If you like slapstick comedy, try one of the many Romanian series on Netflix. You can enjoy a hit high school sitcom like Captain Underpants or a crime drama like The Good Place. These series feature goofy characters that teach lessons without being too preachy. Both series are available on Netflix. To find them, you can search for “Romanian series” in the search bar of your favorite streaming service.

Shadows is an eight-part series about a cab driver who accidentally kills a debt collector. This comedy is funny and makes you laugh, and it also gives local Romanian actors a chance to show off their talent. In addition, it gives local Romanian production companies exposure to a wider audience. And you’ll also get a taste of life in Romania through these shows. These shows are a good way to learn about the local culture and history.


If you’re a fan of Italian crime dramas, then the Serialelatimp will likely be of interest to you. Although it’s not set in Romania, it features a lot of raw scenes. The series’ Romanian premiere is set for May 22, and you can expect to see the second season of Umbre on HBO Europe soon. In the meantime, you can catch the first episode on Amazon Romania. You can also read my Umbre review in Romanian.

This series is set in a fictional Transylvanian town. It opens in a warehouse where volunteers prepare to distribute aid goods, but gradually reveals a deeper level of humanity. The plot revolves around an ethical discussion over whether or not to distribute aid to a girl from a poor village. As the story progresses, we learn about the importance of loving one’s virtuousness and balancing the desire to do good.

Silent Valley series

How to Find Romanian series Silent Valley? This Romanian drama follows two young men as they fall in love and struggle against brutal murders in the wilderness of Romania. This series was inspired by the Norwegian series Eyewitness. The producers of this series took a risk by presenting a love story so real and complex that the audience was not only captivated but also received critical acclaim. Listed below are some of the ways to find this series.

The first season of this crime drama was premiered on HBO Europe on October 23, 2016. The second season, Valea Muta, followed in November. The show revolves around two gay young men who witness the brutal murder of a woman and a boy. As these two young men discover the truth, they risk being exposed to the world. The series explores sexuality and the sensitive thresholds that make people fall in love.

Robotzi series

If you’re looking for a great animated series, then RObotzi is the show for you. Launched in Romania on January 20, 2011, this animated series follows the adventures of two Romanian robots named FOCA and MO. They are the first small robots to be developed in the country, and guard the National Robotics Institute warehouse. However, one day, MO gets kidnapped by tiny robotic aliens who are determined to take all of his intelligence. The two robots eventually end up repairing the orbital station, while the other robot, F.O.C.A., is a cool robot who uses his smarts to survive.

A few series in Romania are recommended for adult audiences, including Umbre. Umbre follows the double life of a working-class cab driver and a mob enforcer. Relu’s double life requires him to work double time and try to keep his identities separate. The characters are unique to Romanian television, and the series gives more focus to Relu’s day-to-day life.

Intregalde series

If you want to watch a great drama series, you should watch the Intregalde series. This Romanian drama was co-written by Radu Muntean and Alexandru Baciu. The title translates as “between rivers,” and it revolves around a group of city dwellers who volunteer to bring supplies to impoverished mountain villages in the Christmas season. Their trip is a dangerous one, though, as they become stranded on a mountain road after they get stuck in mud.

While the film is a highly satirical work, it also manages to inject a touch of horror into its story to keep the audience and characters on their toes. For instance, while Maria and Ilinca joke about what to do if one of them is killed by traveling men, the latter fears being found, which makes him feel vulnerable. It’s a cleverly crafted piece of work, but the story’s lack of gas can take its toll on the viewer.

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