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In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, women pay more attention to new collections of jeans and sweaters than skirts and dresses. The more carefully the ladies prepare for such rare festive evenings as corporate parties, weddings, and birthday parties. And buy a stylish and elegant evening dress for such an event. But if the majority is well versed in everyday clothes, then many ladies are lost in the question of how to choose dresses for the evening. Tips from the designers of the Milla Nova online store will help you find the most beautiful dress for you.

Buying an Evening Gown According to the Type of Event

One of the basic rules for selecting an elegant evening dress lies in the plane of public ethics. What outfits and colors are acceptable in your company? What level will the wedding or other celebration be? Dressing too brightly, darkly, expensively, or cheaply can draw attention to yourself in a bad way. So even at this stage, it is worth deciding whether your gown will be short or floor-length, formal, classic, or simple, what jewelry you will need, and how strict or bright the color can be. You can learn all the details about the dress code from event organizers.

How to Emphasize Your Dignity with an Evening Outfit

Dresses are chosen not only for different types of figures but also for certain purposes:

  • Emphasize femininity.
  • Become slimmer.
  • Increase height.

So, to emphasize femininity and tenderness, wear short puffy asymmetrical skirts and an American armhole (one-shoulder neckline). A fancy evening dress with a loose cut with a high waist will hide imperfect shapes of the belly and hips. The V-neck will visually balance the volumes of the top and bottom. At the same time, if you need to divert attention from your chest, you should opt for skirts with decor: rhinestones, embroidery, etc.

To visually appear taller, focus on the upper body. Neckline, embroidery, and other decors will help with this. In addition, retro dresses with puffy skirts are still popular. They can be long or short with a train.

Do not forget about jewelry and clutch. If a dress is simple in style and not saturated in color can be shaded with voluminous bright jewelry and vice versa.

Beautiful Evening Dresses from Milla Nova

In Milla Nova online shop, evening dresses at competitive prices are waiting for you. In our store, you will find a large selection of dresses for every taste and every type of figure in line with the latest fashion trends. We offer secure online payment options and shipping within the USA and internationally.

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