Tue. Jun 18th, 2024

The last few years has seen immediate changes being made in the Indian educational sector especially with the start of the covid-19 pandemic wear online learning has become the new alternative that is being used by both the parties so that the learning process can be effectively continued. It is important to highlight that most educational institutes have taken into consideration the benefits provided to online education and have been working towards making it more efficient so that the students can be provided with all the necessary support. One of the major aspects that needs to be undertaken into consideration regarding online education is that it ensures the safety of the students by using the online method of education. In this situation most Educational Institutes in India including their educational boards such as the CBSE and ICSE boards have pushed their teachers to undertake online training so that they can better support the students and have a better understanding of what teaching method is suitable. In most cases the education institutes have arranged for the use of the LMS software through which the teachers can be provided with comprehensive training on the different kinds of teaching methods that are being used across the world. Through the use of this system the teachers will have all the necessary knowledge that is required when it comes to the development of an engaging classroom environment in online education. The Learning Management System software or LMS as it is known is considered to be one of the most cost effective and time effective methods that can support the teachers and provide them with the opportunity of managing that time of year when they can undertake training in online teaching processes. Moreover, software programs also ensure that the teachers can keep track of the progress they have made and also have different kinds of teaching methods available both for the school teachers and college teachers. In the Indian education system it is important to understand that the teachers have a central role to play in the education process as they are not only responsible for undertaking classes but are also responsible in developing assessments and examination papers based on which the students performance in the classroom is assessed.Another major factor by the Indian educational system push the teachers towards using this processes if that it is easy to use and understand. that teachers can easily access the LMS Portal available through which we can undertake online teaching classes and learn about in what situations they can be implemented in the classroom. It is only when the teachers were trained in the art of online education that more efficiency was observed in the Indian educational system.

Another major factor that has contributed towards the increasing efficiency observed in the Indian educational system is based on the use of modern technologies. In most cases the Indian educational system was dependent on traditional methods of offline teaching where the teachers were required to make use of traditional modes including graphical representations hand drawn by the teachers as well as the use of flow charts. However, in the current educational landscape the teachers have started using modern educational methods which involve the option of screen sharing and gamification technologies through which it has become easier for them to manage the classroom study environment. The Indian educational system has also started pushing the students towards participating in international events where the students have been provided with an opportunity of highlighting the talents they may have and increasing their responsibility towards working on their strengths.

Advantages of online education

The major advantage that has been helping support the students in the Indian educational landscape involves the cost effective approach of online education. This has helped provide support to the economically backward sections of the society where the students are unable to support the education due to lack of guidance. However, due to the online education system the students have been able to take help from online sources where guidance is provided by qualified teachers free of cost. In this way most students have taken the educational route.

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