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Whether you have a cool or warm complexion, it is important to know what colors will compliment you best. Cooler people should shop in cool colors such as white, black, and grey, while warm people should shop in warm colors like brown, yellow, and gold. Here are some tips to help you make your closet a sanctuary of style. Here are a few Fashion Tips to help you stay on track and feel great:

Finding clothes that fit your body type

Choosing the right clothes for your body type is vital to staying stylish. While there is no single correct body shape, there are certain proportions that are flattering for certain body types. By knowing these proportions, you can find clothes that emphasize your best assets and hide the worst ones. There are five general body types. Rectangular, hourglass, pear, and inverted triangle are the most common ones. You can easily determine your body type by measuring various parts of your body.

Women with pear-shaped bodies should look for styles that flatter their figure. For example, they should avoid over-the-knee lengths and choose fitted dresses and tops. They should also avoid untucked blouses and dresses that show off their cleavage.

The first tip is to choose trousers and skirts with the right shape. For instance, if your waist is wide, choose tailored trousers or skirts that match your torso. Moreover, you can choose flares and bootcuts to create the illusion of height. On the other hand, if you’re petite, choose flowy, gathered or cargo skirts to balance your frame.

Organizing your closet

Organizing your closet should be based on your personal style and the type of clothing you wear. Consider color coding your items. Hanging versus folding depends on space and the type of clothing. In general, pajamas should be hung in the closet, t-shirts and workout items in drawers, and sweaters should be folded. Folding your sweaters over a hanger is a good way to keep them wrinkle-free, too.

Invest in closet organizers that offer easy access and easy maintenance. Using space-saving hangers and a good shelf organizer can help you create more space in your closet. Hanging shoe storage is also a great solution to maximize vertical space in your closet. Investing in storage bins can make it easier to find your favorite shoes, or you can invest in coordinating baskets to keep your shoes in.

Organizing your closet is easier than you think. Just set aside some time to do it and be willing to part with old clothes.


If you want to make your outfit look fashionable, accessorize with different kinds of things. Besides bags and jewelry, you can also experiment with belts, scarves, shoes, tags, badges, and more. Some of the stores that sell accessories have a lot of choice and reasonable prices.

You should always remember that you should choose jewelry that compliments your style and body type. A statement necklace or a stunning pair of shoes can elevate your look and add instant style. However, you should avoid overaccessorizing with too many different things. You might end up looking cheap and tacky.

Getting feedback from others

Feedback is a valuable resource for both personal and professional growth. It allows for constructive criticism and shows what everyone can improve. It also prevents problems from getting out of hand. Feedback may come in the form of a friendly approach or a specific piece of advice. Regardless of how it is delivered, it should be framed in a way that shows the recipient that the person is an individual and that it’s their opinion.

The good news is that getting feedback from others can be an empowering experience. Although it can also have a negative impact, it can be beneficial in the long run. The first step is planning your approach in advance. It’s best to make sure that the person you’re asking for feedback has a wide range of experience and is willing to share it.

If you’re unsure of your personal style or would like some advice on your clothing choices, please vist fashion news blog. You might be surprised at what you hear. Then, reflect on their suggestions and decide whether you’ll implement them. You can follow up by either implementing their suggestions or setting up a meeting to discuss the feedback in more detail. Whatever the approach, make sure you accept the feedback with a positive attitude.

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