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COVID Documentaries

In the Same Breath

In the Same Breath, a new COVID Documentaries by Nanfu Wang, charts the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic in Wuhan, China. The film explores both the devastating impact the disease has had on Chinese citizens and the ways in which governments responded to the outbreak.

Nanfu Wang was born in China but has lived in the United States for nine years. When the pandemic hit, Wang stepped up her efforts to research the issue. She used social-media posts of residents of Wuhan to gain insight into the reality of the crisis. This led to a whirlwind of analysis and a documentary that traces China’s sociopolitical response to the outbreak.

Throughout the documentary, Wang uses a combination of footage and propaganda to illustrate the devastating effects of the pandemic. She also documents the efforts of government officials to obscure the truth.

At its core, In the Same Breath is a documentary about China and the United States, but it is a personal story as well. Wang filmed during her trip to China in January 2020 to visit family. As the film opens, it’s on the eve of the country’s New Year celebration. It is patriotic, and the images are stirring. However, the documentary will also raise questions and doubts about how China and the United States respond to the disease.

The film is a fascinating look at how a government and its supporters try to conceal and cover up the truth. In addition to interviews, the filmmaker has captured startling on-the-ground footage of hospital personnel navigating the streets and attempting to find patients.

The documentary is also a testament to the resilience of health-care workers. While Wang’s own experience with the rise of the pandemic is harrowing, she is careful to emphasize that there are also other factors at play.

By examining the impact of the pandemic, the documentary demonstrates the importance of human hope. It also outlines the devastating consequences of misinformation and a failed leadership system.

In the Same Breath was originally intended as a documentary about the Chinese government’s response to the coronavirus. As the disease spread around the world, the film shifted into a more analytical investigation of how the U.S. government uses the disease to promote misinformation.

Totally Under Control

Totally Under Control is a documentary on the US government’s failure to contain the coronavirus. Filmed in secret over the course of five months, the film examines the Trump administration’s response to the pandemic.

The film focuses on a number of issues, including the mishandling of the H1N1 vaccine, the failure of the government to effectively respond to the virus, and the dereliction of presidential leadership. It also features interviews with scientists, medical professionals, and government officials.

Alex Gibney’s film Totally Under Control is a well-researched and well-made documentary about the U.S. government’s failure to contain the coronavirus, which was caused by the H1N1 virus. Using both news footage and expert interviews, the filmmakers present a bleak picture of the federal response to the pandemic.

A new epilogue accompanies the film, which picks up with President Trump’s diagnosis of the coronavirus. In addition to commentary from former BARDA director Dr. Rick Bright, the new Totally Under Control also includes commentary from New York Times White House correspondent Michael Shear.

Despite the glaring lack of a satisfactory conclusion, the film is compelling. Unlike many other documentaries on the subject, Totally Under Control does not rely on sensationalism to engage the audience. Instead, the film presents its information with measured anger and passion.

Totally Under Control was made under the watchful eye of Oscar-winning documentary filmmaker Alex Gibney. His previous works include Going Clear and 76 Days. He lives in New Jersey. Totally Under Control will be released on October 13, 2020.

The movie will be available to watch on demand for free through Election Day. While it is a fascinating look at the administration’s response to the pandemic, the documentary is not perfect. Some topics could have been better covered.

The film is a two-hour documentary, and it’s impossible to fully cover every failed aspect of the pandemic. However, the movie does an excellent job of making the pandemic feel understandable.

Totally Under Control’s title comes from Donald Trump’s claim that the outbreak was under control. That’s no surprise, considering the president’s incompetence.

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