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One of the things about prescription drugs is that it is tough to tell when somebody is abusing them. This is because these pills may show side effects even on prescription. Because of the highly addictive nature of pills like benzodiazepines or benzo, doctors prescribe them for a very short time.

In some cases, doctors may prescribe them only when you are experiencing some panic attack or anxiety attack.

Developing benzo addiction

Drugs like benzo are notorious for making you dependent on them. Once this happens, it is hard to not take them. And if at all you get an urge to stop taking these pills, you can’t stop of your own will, as you get some nasty withdrawal symptoms. If this is already happening to you, then you may need an exclusive withdrawal and addiction recovery program.

Act fast

Do not delay in enrolling in a program, if you believe you cannot live without benzo. Addiction is a disease that needs proper treatment. It does not go away on its own. Inaction can lead to serious health complications. Benzos don’t just affect your mind; they affect your body organs.

So if you think you can carry on like this – popping benzo pills every day to feel good – you are digging your own grave.

Benzos, in the long run, are known to damage the brain and harm vital organs.

If you care for your health and life at large, please search for “rehab near me” and begin your de-addiction program.

Signs of benzo addiction

  • You start feeling anxious when you have just a couple of pills left under prescription.
  • You run out of your pills before the prescription is over. This means you overdose.
  • You begin to rake your brains on how to get another prescription.
  • You hide pills from family and friends. This means you have either got them illegally or got a “fake” prescription.
  • You feel irritated, depressed, restless, nausea, headache, and other such symptoms when you don’t take a dose.
  • You get a strong craving to have a benzo pill.

The above are clear signs of benzodiazepine addiction. It is useless trying to stop taking the pill now. Even if you do, you will be back to taking the pills due to withdrawal symptoms and strong cravings. You are addicted. A recovery program can help you.

Bad effects of benzo’s abuse

Benzo abuse can make you feel fatigued almost all the time. The pills meddle with the memory center of your brain. It’s no surprise you begin to forget things frequently. Benzo’s abuse may cause amnesia, even blackouts.

Your social skills take a backseat when you abuse benzos. You like to stay withdrawn, skip get-togethers, and become too obsessed with thinking about how to get your next dose to think of anything else.

Benzos silently damage the brain. In severe addiction, the damage is irreversible. Before this happens to you, contact the Florida drug rehabcenter and start your recovery journey.

You will thank yourselves for taking timely action.

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